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General Information

Property Location: Noroeste Sector / Futaleufu Community / Los Lagos Region / Region X / Chile

Surface Area: .5 hectares (5000m2) (~1.23 acres)

Property Access: The property can be reached via an unpaved public road (W-915) from the town of Futaleufu. The real estate tract is located 2km (~1.25 mi) from the village of Futaleufu in the Noroeste Sector.

Main House:  Built of locally harvested native wood, with a floor space of approximately 60 m2 (~645 ft2). The house has had only 3 years of previous use.

  • The house features: a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. Adjacent to the house, via a covered breezeway is a laundry room and covered carport.
  • Electricity: The sector was recently electrified under Chile’s rural electrification program and is supplied by the Edelaysén Company
  • Water: The property has a potable water supply, with a water tank fed from a nearby glacier fed stream.

Property Location

Property Overview

Guest Cabins: The property has two smaller cabins located on it with floor spaces of approximately 36 m2 (388 ft2). Both are practically new and are 70% furnished.  The cabins are not connected to the electrical system but have potable water and sewerage.

Exterior Structures: The property has a small shed located on it to store firewood or a vehicle. The current owner has also planted a variety of fruit trees on the property.

Real Estate Classification: Vacation Home / Second Home / Tourism Destination

Recreation Potential: The real estate parcel is spectacularly situated in the Noroeste River Valley, only 200 meters (~218 yards) from the Espolón River, with great access to fly fishing, whitewater rafting, kayaking. There is also a nearby trailhead, open to trekkers and horseback riders, which accesses the Patagonia wilderness on the far side of Espolon Lake. The trail goes through Lago Leal, Lago Las Rosas, around Cerro Teta to the iconic rural village of Espolon. East of the Espolon Village, the trail extends through a series of rugged mountain passes to Termas El Amarillo and Chaiten. The property is a great location for those who want a rural living experience without being too far from the amenities found in the town of Futaleufu.

Conservation Value: Located on the back part of the property is a charming Coihue Forest with a small foot path through the interior. The Noroeste Sector itself is located in a small tributary river valley of the Espolon and Futaleufu rivers and is surrounded by high mountains and snow-capped peaks.  As a result, the people living in the sector are very conservation minded and dedicated to sustainable land use.


More Information: For more detailed information about this property or Sur Terra’s other properties for sale and professional real estate services, please contact us by telephone or use the contact form provided on this web-page.

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