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At Sur Terras we understand that real estate development is a complex activity that requires the collaboration of many kinds of professionals and are therefore prepared to introduce our clients to experts that will smooth the way by giving advice through all phases of project development. We work in regular collaboration with lawyers, agronomists, surveyors, engineers, architects and contractors all of whom can be instrumental in bringing your real estate development plans to fruition.

Land Use Rezoning:

In Chile, rezoning is called “Changing the Use of the Soil” (Cambio del Uso de Suelo) and is managed by the Ministry of Agriculture (Ministerio de Agricultura) through the Agriculture and Livestock Service (Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero, SAG) according to Chilean law (Artículo 55° de la Ley General de Urbanismo y Construcciones). There also may additional requirements placed on land development by local municipal ordinances.

Rezoning is not an easy process to undertake, except in cases involving the “normalization” of pre-existing structures, and the process most often requires professional expertise. The applications to the SAG and other government authorities involves many things, like: environmental impact studies, drafts of architectural and landscape development plans, maps depicting the project location and existing public infrastructure, verification of the presence of adequate potable water, waste water treatment plans, etc. Furthermore, not all development projects can qualify for rezoning permission under Chilean law; and how the property is zoned/classified will determine how an owner can sub-divide the property for further development or future re-sale. The professionals and experts that Sur Terras regularly collaborates with serve to help our clients navigate this complicated labyrinth of Chilean law and regulation in a timely fashion.

From your initial inquiry, Sur Terras will strive to provide you with the best advice concerning prospective development of your real estate project. A well-executed development process requires the skills of many professionals, like: surveyors to provide descriptions of the property, architects and civil engineers to address project design, a legal team to handle contract agreements and government approvals, soil engineers and agronomists to analyze a site’s physical limitations and environmental impacts, to name a few. Through our vast network of local and regional contacts, Sur Terras is ready to put you directly in touch with the experienced and skilled professionals that work in our area.

Because Sur Terras is located in Northern Patagonia, we have an intimate knowledge of the local economy and can therefore also provide advice about a project’s economic practicality and viability, likely commercial demand and can even analyze a prospective project for unrealized value-enhancing opportunities.

Project Development:

After your project has been successfully rezoned, Sur Terras is also prepared to support the further realization of your project through the many professionals and service providers we are in contact with. Please visit our Real Estate Services Page for more information about what we can provide.

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