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When buying a property, restoration of the infrastructure and landscape is likely to be a major consideration. In a remote region like Northern Patagonia, there are not many construction and contractors to choose from.  At Sur Terras we are prepared to put buyers in touch with professional contractors and skilled local craftsmen who can affect the necessary mitigation, construction and renovation services. We take pride in helping our clients from start to finish, from initial remediation to the final construction of the property.

Sur Terras can put you in contact with construction companies and craftsmen that can provide services the areas of:


Carpentry & Masonry: From ground-up construction to roofing and final painting and finishing.  We can put you in touch with experienced wood carpenters, masons and asphalt and concrete specialists.

Electricity, Plumbing & Heating: From interior wiring and plumbing, chimney installation and construction, to getting your property hooked up to the municipal water, waste treatment and electrical grid.

Property Cleaning: From simple cleaning before occupancy to more extensive services like pressure washing, pest control, odor mitigation and mold damage.


A landscape restoration project is much more than installing a few shrubs and trees; instead it is a comprehensive understanding of the terrain, and knowing how the flora, fauna and the environment interact. Sur Terras is in contact with landscape professionals that are experts in the natural ecology of Northern Patagonia who use site appropriate native vegetation and trees to encourage the resurgence of the native ecosystem.

Sur Terras can put you in contact with landscape restoration professionals that provide services in the following areas:

Hardscape: From general disrepair, to constructing walkways and trails, fencing to road construction (servidumbres and private driveways).

Landscape: From clearing vegetative overgrowth, hedge and shrub trimming, drainage issues, tree clearing, and erosion control to comprehensive reforestation with native tree and shrub species.

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