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Sur Terras is a real estate brokerage company based in the town of Futaleufu in the Palena Provice of the Chile’s Tenth Region, the Los Lagos Region. We strive to offer the most professional level of service available and endeavor to reach and exceed the high levels of service that are offered by larger real estate brokerages in Chile’s more metropolitan regions. However, the Palena Province is a remote region with a population of about 20000 inhabitants which produces many challenges in transacting business. For many, the fact the region is so remote and wild, with spectacular pristine landscapes and environment, is one of the primary reasons for buying property in the area. However, Northern Patagonia’s remoteness and lack of connectivity has to be negotiated during the real estate transaction process, in particular the extra time and care needed to get things accomplished. Because Sur Terras is based in Futaleufu, we have intimate knowledge of the local inhabitants, their ways and customs, as well as all of the knowledge needed to interact with the Chilean government agencies and transact business with the local construction contractors.

In conjunction with other professionals and service providers, we offer assistance in the following areas:

1] Legal Advice

2] Water Rights Concession Applications

3] Landscape Restoration

4] Project Development

5] Architectural Services

We will also help you make travel arrangements to and from the region in order to visit and inspect the properties in our real estate portfolio.

At Sur Terras we have made it our mission to overcome all of the obstacles presented in this remote region of Chile and to offer our clients the smoothest possible experience, from start to finish, when buying property in our area.

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