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The Sur Terras Real Estate Brokerage offers a wide range of professional services and advice for individuals and developers in Northern Patagonia, Chile.

Our Properties

Our Real Estate listings offer a wide selection of unique and spectacular properties in Chile’s Los Lagos (Region X) and Aysen (region XI) Regions. Visit our property portfolio page for more listings.

Featured Property

Fundo Vodudahue, Valle de Los Césares 1206 acres.

The Property is located in a central valley that was carved by a series of glaciers that flowed into the Golfo de Ancud. The property measures 1206 acres. The homestead includes plains and evergreen forest that include impressive stands of ancient alerce trees. It is surrounded by imposing granite cliffs and the mountain ranges with year-round “eternal” snows.

The southern boundary of the homestead is the Vodudahue River and to the East the Barceló River. Thus, the property is located at the confluence of the two rivers and offers incredible beauty and beaches of fine white sand.

Property Brokerage

Our team of expert real estate agents, agronomists, architects, engineers and legal professionals will ensure the success of your property acquisition and provide advice and consultation from the start to finish of the process.

Legal advice

We work with lawyers and legal professionals who specialize in real estate law. They are available to help with title searches, purchase contracts, financial transactions, subdivisions, land use changes and property surveys as well as any other legal service you might require.

Water Rights Concessions

Our team understands the requirements of the Dirección General de Aguas (MOP-DGA), and will help you study the hydrological environment of your property to obtain the optimal water rights concession for your project.

Architecture Services

We will put you in contact with qualified professional architects that are certified in all areas of design by the government licensing authorities.  Afterward we accompany our clients in all stages of real estate project development.

Restoration of Landscapes

Our team and our many contacts can help plan the restoration of entire properties, inducing landscape, hardscape and infrastructure, to meet all present and future needs, as well as offer a wide range of options to help maximize land use over time.

Real Estate Development

Property Rezoning & Subdivisions – Our team can help you plan and execute property rezoning & subdivisions that are in complete compliance with all of the required Chilean government agencies, regulatory authorities and local municipal ordinances.

Bajo los volcanes, junto a los ventisqueros, entre los grandes lagos,
el fragante, el silencioso, el enmarañado bosque chileno…

– Pablo Neruda

Our Associates, Partners and Allies

At Surterras Propiedades we recognize that buying and selling real estate requires a multi-disciplinary set of skills. Most of the time we attempt to incorporate such expertise in house, however due to the complexity and breadth of real estate transactions, this is not always possible. In the such cases we have strove surround ourselves with experts and professionals in our community who have a compatible mindset and dedication to work. On this page we list some our associates and allies.

Backcountry Air Charter

Property Visitation, Aerial Photography, Air Surveys, Private Charters.

Legal Services & Transactions

Title Searches, Contracts, Encumbrances, Escrow Services, Zoning, Water Rights Acquisition.

Landscape & Property Improvement

Landscape Restoration, General Property Repair, Subcontracting.

Website Design & Multimedia Production

Website Design & Maintenance, Photography, Videography, Digital Brochure Production.

Contact the Sur Terras real estate brokerage for more information about our properties and the services we provide.

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