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General Information

Location: Yelcho Chico Sector / Yelcho Lake / Chaitén / Lakes Region / Region X / Chile.

Surface Area 324 acres (131 hectares)

Property Access: The gateway to the property is the small coastal village of Chaitén, which is the capital of the Palena Province in Chile’s Lake District, 10th Region. The property is central to many places of interest, like the El Amarillo Hot Springs, Pumalin National Park, Corcovado National Park and the legendary Futaleufu River. Thus, its strategic location makes the property ideal for sport fishing as well as excursions into wilds of Northern Patagonia.

Property Location

Property Overview

Fundo Yelcho Chico is located in the midst of the Patagonia wilderness and is surrounded by glaciers, old-growth temperate rainforest and has over a mile of coastline along the Yelcho Lake, known worldwide for its Brown, Rainbow and Salmon sport-fishing.

The property itself is located on peninsula-like piece of land that juts out into the Yelcho Lake along its southern bank. Alongside the property is a small creek whose headwaters originate from the outflow of the Yelcho Glacier which lies just to the south of the property. Fundo Yelcho Chico is truly a one-of-a-kind property in a one-of-a-kind location.

Privacy: Fundo Yelcho Chico is a secluded property with no direct neighbors. The only way to access the property is by private launch from Puerto Cardenas, a journey that takes about 25 mins. The property is completely undeveloped, without infrastructure and in its original native state. These characteristics make the property a lakeside refuge with guaranteed privacy. The property is an ideal location for a sport fishing lodge, vacation home or conservation-oriented tourism project.

Real Estate Classification

Recreational Opportunities: The property is in an ideal location for outdoor lovers and nature enthusiasts. Its lake-front shoreline puts it at center stage for sport fishing, as Lago Yelcho is world renown for its rainbow and brown trout fishing and salmon runs. It is also centrally located for excursions to the Yelcho Glacier, Amarillo Hot Springs, Pumalin Park and the Futaleufu River. From the property one can sea kayak, trek, horseback ride or raft on the nearby, world famous Futaleufú River.

Conservation Value: The surface area of the property is 324 acres. Approximately 20% of that is natural grasslands with the remaining 80% being native forest. The forest is Valdivian temperate rainforest with riparian features. The predominant tree species on the property are Coihues, followed by Arrayanes and Maitenes. And the fauna is a mix of riparian and mountain species, such as kingfishers, condors, foxes and huillín. Because of the rapid and steep rise of the Andes Mountains, as they go from the moist Pacific coast to the dry pampas of Argentina, in less than a hundred miles, the region is rich in ecotones and microclimates. The property has excellent sun exposure as its northern boundary is the lakeshore, with nearly 1.25 miles of shoreline.

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