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Property Information

Location: Santa Bárbara Sector / Community of Chaitén / Region X – Lakes Region / Chile

Surface Area: 20. 3 acres (8.23 Hectares)

Accessibility: The property can be accessed via the paved route, W-807, a public road that runs from Camahueto to the Caleta Gonzalo road junction, which is about 9 miles (15 km) north of the village of Chaiten.

The property lies 3.7 miles (6 km) from the Chaiten Aerodrome, which usually has daily flights to and from the city of Puerto Montt.

Property Location

Property Overview


  • The property has no buildings or constructions.
  • It has a perimeter fence along the main road.
  • Electricity: can be obtained from the public grid off of the main road.

Real Estate Classification

Conservation / Tourism Potential / Second Home / Vacation Home.

Recreation Potential: The property has extraordinary views of the beach and coast and of the famous Morro Vilcún: a small volcano-shaped mountain that is covered by Valdivian rainforest, that juts off the coast on a peninsula.  A small stream runs along the Northwest boundary of the property.

The property is surrounded by numerous natural attractions among which are: Pumalín Park, Amarillo Hot Springs and the Chaitén Volcano. The property also lies 35 miles (57 km) from Lake Yelcho, which is a world famous sport fishing destination.

Conservation Value: The property hosts an intact native forest, of the Valdivian temperate rainforest type, where species like coihues, canelo and renovales can be found.


Price: USD 450.000

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