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General Information

Location: Vodudahue Sector, Hualaihué, Region Xa, North Patagonia, Chile.

Surface: 1206 acres.

Property Access: The property lies at the confluence of the Vodudahue and Barceló rivers and is encompassed by mountains and glaciers. From Puerto Montt, the flight takes 40 minutes by private plane.

It is an enchanted city, not open to any ordinary traveler to discover (…) only at the end of time will the city become visible; to convince unbelievers of its existence … The Myths of Chiloé island ~ oral tradition

Property Location

Property Overview

The Property is located in a central valley that was carved by a series of glaciers that flowed into the Golfo de Ancud. The property measures 1206 acres. The homestead includes plains and evergreen forest that include impressive stands of ancient alerce trees. It is surrounded by imposing granite cliffs and the mountain ranges with year-round “eternal” snows. The southern boundary of the homestead is the Vodudahue River and to the East the Barceló River. Thus, the property is located at the confluence of the two rivers and offers incredible beauty and beaches of fine white sand.

Agricultural Production

The property has approximately 40% of areas populated with natural grasslands. Currently the family of settlers who own the property produces excellent quality cattle.

Fundo Valle de los Césares has the following infrastructure and services:

  • Owner’s House in fair condition (3 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, bathroom.)
  • Electricity produced by a generator located on the property
  • Potable water sourced from natural springs
  • Perimeter fences in fair condition
  • Mobile phone coverage (entel)

Recreation & Adventures

The environment of Fundo Valle de Los Césares is an ideal fly fishing local. The Vodudahue and Barceló rivers are renowned for rainbow and brown trout, as well as Chinook salmon during the spawning season. In addition to fly fishing, the property is ideal for sea kayaking, trekking and horseback riding. Numerous trails surround that property and they traverse both rivers and mountains providing world class wilderness sight seeing experiences. Unique to the property are some of the last world’s last remaining stands of the giant and endangered Alerce tree (Fitzroya cupressoides), South America’s cousin to the North American Sequoia and Redwood.

Conservation Value

The Fundo is located in the renowned valley of the Vodudahue river and its 1206 acres are dotted with small areas of natural grasslands and native old growth forest. The Vodudahue and Barceló rivers serve as natural property boundaries. High granite mountains provide shelter for the native Valdivian temperate rain forest, which serves as home for tree species such as alerce, ulmo, coigue, manio, lumas and myrtles. These forests serve as a refuge for rare and endangered fauna. The puma and the kodkod represent the felines of the forest, while near the rivers and lakes the kingfishers stalk trout and high above the canopy the Andean condor patrols the mountains.


Sale Price: $ 6,004,416.01 USD

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