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General Information

Property Location: Dinamarca River, Cisnes Sector, 20 kilometers west of the village of La Junta, Chile.

Surface Area: 573.76 Hectares. (~1415 acres)

Property Access: The property can be accessed via the public road system or by boat along the Palena River from the coastal port-town of Raúl Marín Balmaceda. Currently the road between La Junta and Raúl Marín Balmaceda, from which the property is accessed, is made of gravel but will soon be paved as a part of a larger East-West connectivity project. Raúl Marín Balmaceda is quickly becoming a “gateway of entry” to Northern Patagonia and the Aysen Regions (Region XI), sometimes making it more convenient than Chaiten. In addition the property has two private roads, that lead to the Dinamarca River and Palena Rivers.

Property Location

Property Overview

Infrastructure: Presently, the property, “Predio Dinamarca” is being worked as a cattle ranch. The property is also involved in forestry, as there is a saw-mill located on the property that produces hard-wood timber for construction and firewood. There is also an island (40 hectares) on the property formed by an oxbow cut-off of the Palena River. In the neighborhood of the property there are a number of fly fishing lodges and other commercial enterprises that cater to Summer tourism, giving the location great potential for a future tourism project, if that is the objective.

Real Estate Classification

Conservation / Tourism / Livestock & Forestry / Second Residence

Recreation Potential: 

  • The property and its surroundings offer spectacular panoramic views of the Northern Patagonian Andes.
  • The real estate is centrally located with roads and trails going off into various types of terrain, from mountainous and densely forested to river front.
  •  The property contains large tracts of native and old growth forest (about 300 Ha) on which can be found such tree species as: Tepa, Mañío, Coigüe, Luma, Canelo. These can be conserved by a future owner or the extraction of timber can be used to offset the cost of a tourism project.

Conservation Value:

  • This forested property is located  between three rivers systems, the Víctor, Dinamarca and Palena Rivers, and has abundances of woodland and riparian wildlife. It is common to see Foxes, Pudu, Puma, Huillines, Condors, Caiquenes, and Wild Ducks with the property’s boundaries.

More Information: For more detailed information about this property or Sur Terra’s other properties for sale and professional real estate services, please contact us by telephone or use the contact form provided on this web-page.

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