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General Information

Property Location: Lake Espolón Sector / Futaleufú Community / Palena Province / Lakes Region / Chile.

Surface Area: 116.40 Hectares / 290 acres.

Access: The property lies about 1200 meters from Puerto Poletto along a gravel road.

Puerto Poletto is located on the Northern end of Epolon Lake, which is accessed via Puerto Calderón on the south side, by a regularly scheduled ferry boat (Barcaza Esperanza), that crosses Espolón Lake.  By private boat the trip takes about 30 minutes.

Note: The Chilean Army Corps of Engineers (CMT – Military Labor Corps) is currently building a road that will connect the Espolón Valley with the village of Futaleufú.


  • Relatively Undeveloped
  • Perimeter fences in regular condition.
  • Orchards of Apple and Cherry Trees.

Property Location

Property Overview

Real Estate Classification: Conservation / Tourism Potential:  High Level Sport Fishing / Horseback Riding / Trekking / River and Lake Kayaking and other outdoor recreation activities.

Location Description: The property has extraordinary panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the Espolón Lake and is located at the confluence of the Espolón and Blanco rivers. There are two lagoons within the property that border wetlands and a small stream descends from the nearby mountain range. The property has about 1200 meters of river frontage along the Espolón River and about 1400 meters of river frontage on the White River. The two river valleys provide ample sun exposure from various directions.

Conservation Value: There is intact native forest on the property, populated with tree species like: Coihue, Mañio, Tepa and renovals. The topography of the property runs from mountainous to flat areas, with undulating river bottom soils populated by pastures and grasslands.


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