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General Information

Property Location: Villa Vanguardia Sector / Provincia de Palena / Lakes Region / Region X / Chile.

Surface Area: 772, 67  hectares. (~1910 acres)

Property Access:  Via boat, over the Palena River. The property has approximately 8 km ( ~5 moles) of shoreline along the Palena River.

Property Location

Property Overview

Infrastructure:  The property is undeveloped with one small construction: a 60 m2 livestock corral.

Real Estate Classification: Conservation / Forestry & Agriculture / Tourism: Fly Fishing,  Trekking, Horseback Riding.

Recreational Opportunities: The property offers a great potential for a future tourism operation as the local area abounds with fly fishing, rafting, kayaking, horseback riding and trekking options.

Conservation: As the property is relatively undeveloped, it is home to an old-growth evergreen forest with numerous native tree species such as: Coihue, Cipres, Mañio, Tepa and Ciruelillo, some of which are hundreds of years old.

More Information: For more detailed information about this property or Sur Terra’s other properties for sale and professional real estate services, please contact us by telephone or use the contact form provided on this web-page.

Sale Price: $ 1.350.000.000 CLP

(approximately $ 1,970,000 usd ~ depending on exchange rate)

(*CLP Chilean Pesos)

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