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General Information

Property Location: Las Escalas Sector/ Comuna de Futaleufu / Los Lagos Region / Region X / Chile.

Surface Area:  Lots of .5 Hectares (~1.23 acres)

Property Access: All properties are reachable via a private road and have access to the Futaleufu River.

Exclusive lots of approximately .5 hectares for sale within a privately held ranch on the Futaleufú River, 15 km from the town. The lots are situated in the remote and pristine Las Escalas Valley, between the Futaleufú National Reserve and the Futaleufu River. The owners have developed the lots based on ecological and sustainable objectives. These include: limitations on population density, protection of old growth native forests and potable water sourced from glacial fed mountain streams. The idyllic location and ecologically minded design assures a good long-term investment.

Property Location

Property Overview

Infrastructure: The property has no structures.

Real Estate Classification: Tourism / Vacation Property / Second Home

Recreation Potential: The Futaleufu River Valley region offers world class rafting, kayaking, trekking fly fishing and other adventure sports.

More Information: For more detailed information about this property or Sur Terra’s other properties for sale and professional real estate services, please contact us by telephone or use the contact form provided on this web-page.


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