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Property Information

Location: The Cabaña Sector / Yelcho Lake/ Chaitén Community / Los Lagos: Region-X/ Chile.

Surface: 19.5 Acres (7.9 Hectares).

Property Access: The property is located along route CH-235, about 10 km North of the village of Villa Santa Lucia on the way to Puerto Ramirez, and is accessible throughout the year.

Property Location

Property Overview

Located in a unique and idyllic locale, La Cabaña Fly Fishing Lodge is situated on a spectacular 19.5 acre property near the world renown Lago Yelcho. The property and infrastructure has all of the comforts and amenities expected in a world-class fishing destination.

The property includes a house (Casa Blanca), a cabin, quincho, wine cellar and maintenance workshop.

All of the buildings have electricity, provided by the public grid and are supplied with potable water from a mountain sourced creek on the property.

Real estate classification

High Level Sport-fishing Destination / Fishing Lodge / Second Home / Real Estate Development

Recreation: The Yelcho Lake is a world-renown fly fishing destination with abundant trophy-sized rainbow trout and brown trout, in addition to chinook salmon during the Fall spawning season. In addition to fly fishing there are opportunities for trekking, sea kayaking, horseback riding, and whitewater rafting on the world famous Futaleufu River.

Conservation: There is native forest on the property with tree species like: Coihues, Arrayanes, Maitenes and renoval. Situated in a small valley near Lago Yelcho, the property has spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding peaks of the Andes Mountains and of the fjord-like lake.

More information: For more detailed information on this property or on other properties in our real estate portfolio, please contact Sur Terras using the contact form on our website.


Fishing Lodge:

  • 1 Kitchen
  • 1 Living Room
  • 1 Foyer
  • 1 Changing room
  • 1 Terrace
  • 6 Bedrooms
  • 6 Baths

Casa Blanca:

  • 1 Kitchen
  • 1 Living Room
  • 5 Bedrooms
  • 3 Baths


  • 1 Kitchen
  • 1 Living Room
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 2 Baths


  • 1 Barbecue/Quincho
  • 1 Wine Cellar
  • 1 Maintenance Workshop


Price: $ 861,495,000 CLP

(~$1.065.530 usd, depending on exchange rate)

*UF (Unidades de Fomento)

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