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General Information

Property Location: Río Enredaderas Sector / Puerto Ramirez / Palena Community /  Lakes Region. The property is located about 800 meters from the Puerto Ramirez intersection (Ruta 235 – Ruta W905) on the road to Futaleufú.

Surface: 8.5 Hectares (21 acres) of flat and forested terrain.

Access: By public road (Ruta W-905) from Villa Santa Lucia to Futaleufú. Currently the road is gravel but is scheduled to be paved.

Distances to Points of Interest from the Property.

* Futaleufú: 43 Km/27 mi * Palena: 45 Km/28 mi * Yelcho Lake: 8 Km/5 mi * Malito River: 2.5 Km /1.5 mi * Futaleufú River: 4 km/ 2.5 mi * Palena River: 25 km / 15.5 mi

Property Location

Property Overview


  • House in upkept condition, featuring a: living room, wood stove, and several bedrooms.
  • Electricity from the public grid.
  • The property is supplied with water via a diversion from the Enredaderas River.
  • Toolshed & Woodshed
  • Greenhouse
  • Perimeter fencing in upkept condition.
  • Orchard, featuring: Apple, Plum and Cherry Trees with Raspberry and Currant bushes.

Real Estate Classification: Commercial (tourism / sport fishing potential) / Vacation Home.

Recreation Potential: The property borders the Enredaderas River (at the high water mark) with 232 meters of river frontage. The property is strategically and logistically located in close proximity to the best fishing spots in the area.

Conservation Value: The property hosts a native forest, with tree species present, like: Coihues, Arrayanes, Notro and Renovales. The property also features flat areas of grasslands that are feasible to improve.

Sale Price: $ 200.000.000 CLP

Approximately $258,000 usd (depending on exchange rate)

*CLP (Chilean Pesos)

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