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General Information

Property Location:  Sector Lago Espolon, Community of Futaleufu, Los Lagos Region (Region X)

Surface Area: 4 Hectares (~ 10 Acres)

Property Access:  From the village of Futaleufu via Puerto Calderon, located at the South-West end of Lago Espolon.

  • Public Ferry / or Private Launch: Requires twenty minutes of sailing, depending on the climatic conditions.
  • The property lies about 10 km from the Village of Futaleufu, as the crow flies.

Property Location


Main Lodge:

The lodge was constructed between the years of 2006-2007, in rustic style, by resident artisans from locally harvested and milled timber (primarily Cypress and Guaiteca). Built on stilts, the two-storey lodge directly overlooks the scenic Espolon Lake.

The lodge has a total floorspace of 175 m2 (~1900 ft2) that includes a lounge, dining room, kitchen, two bathrooms, second floor balcony and three bedrooms (of about 20m2 / 215 ft2 each), which are also located on the second floor.

  • Outside the lodge, accessible through the lounge, sits the main terrace (40 m2 / 430 ft2), with panoramic views of the Espolon lake and the surrounding Andes Mountains.
  • The lounge has two separate areas: a heated space fired by an elegant hanging fireplace and a beverage bar and small library.
  • The kitchen comes equipped with a wood stove, a gas stove with six burners, a refrigerator and a horizontal, “chest-style” freezer.
  • The dining room has a stylish central table (3.5 meters long) with benches constructed of native Mañio wood. It has the capacity to seat between 14-16 guests.

Adjacent Guest Cabins:

Surrounding the lodge are three guest cabins of different sizes:

  • The smaller cabins are of one-room design and have floorspaces of 24 m2 (~260 ft2) with 15 m2 (~ 160 ft2) terraces that overlook the lake.
  • The larger cabin has two rooms, a central bathroom, a total floorspace of 25 m2 (~270 ft2) with a large 40 m2 (~430 ft2) terrace overlooking Lago Espolon.

Staff House:

As the real estate tract that hosts the lodge is remotely located, oftentimes it is impractical to have the lodge employees commute daily from their homes. Therefore, a staff house was constructed on the premises to comfortably accommodate such employees.

  • The staff house has a floor space of 55 m2 (~600 ft2)  and comes equipped with three bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and kitchen.

Quincho:  A quincho is a traditional open-air structure used to accommodate barbeques and other activities away from the main lodge. Quinchos are typical of Northern Patagonia and are very practical when the weather turns inclement.

  • The Quincho has a floorspace of 30 M2 (~325 ft2) and comes equipped with a grill, grilling area and tables and benches to accommodate diners.

Hot Tub: The property also features a wood-fired hot-tub of local design, situated on a terrace overlooking the lake, that is capable of hosting up to 10 guests.

Yoga Platform:  For yoga practitioners, the property also has an elevated, sheltered hard-wood floored yoga platform, with a panoramic view of the lake and surrounding mountains. The platform is completely roofed with a floorspace of  52 m2  (560 ft2), with the capacity to accommodate 25 yogis.

Utilities & Equipment

Basic Utilities:

  • The property also generates its own electricity, with a hydro-powered turbine that produces 5 Kw of electricity from a nearby stream.
  • The property’s potable water is sourced from a nearby pristine spring.
  • Both of these water use concessions are fully transferable to a new owner.


  • Radio Equipment: Includes base-station and laptop.
  • Wi-fi Equipment: Includes dishes and supporting electronics for a bandwidth capacity of 15 MB.

Recreational Equipment:

  • Cataraft: 16 ft in length, with frame and seats, fully ready for fly fishing excursions on the lake.
  • Mini Cataraft: equipped with oars. suitable for solo fly fishing excursions.
  • Spare Pontoons: Three of the U-Boat type.
  • Fly Fishing Equipment: An assortment of fly-fishing gear and spin-fishing gear.

Real Estate Classification:  Fly Fishing Lodge / Eco Lodge

Recreation Potential:

The real estate borders the scenic Espolón Lake, with about 400 meters (1300 ft) of shore frontage, that includes a white-sand beach sheltered from the wind. Within the interior, the property features waterfalls, streams, springs and marked hiking trails.

Espolón Lake has a renowned reputation in the fly fishing community and attracts passionate enthusiasts from all over the world. The property also has potential for hosting kayakers and rafters as it is located by the nearby world famous Futaleufu River. Other potential lodge-based activities include:  hiking, trekking, horseback riding, yoga retreats and nature photography.

Conservation Value:

As this real estate tract is remote, it has been subject to only minor developmental pressure and has an intact, original Patagonia ecosystem that hosts old growth forests containing species like, Coihue, Arrayan, Tepa and Mañio, many of which are hundreds of years old. As a result, the property contains a great bio-diversity of native flora and fauna.

More Information: For more detailed information about this property or Sur Terra’s other properties for sale and professional real estate services, please contact us by telephone or use the contact form provided on this web-page.

Sale Price: $ 680.000.000 CLP

(approximately $ 1,000,000 usd ~ depending on exchange rate)

*CLP (Chilean Pesos)


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