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Surterras Properties offers a wide range of services and professional advice when purchasing properties in the Chilean Patagonia.

Property Brokerage

Our team of expert real estate and legal professionals will ensure your success, help meet budgetary requirements and provide advice to maximize the profitability for your investments.

Real Estate Development

Property Subdivisions – Our team can help you plan and execute property subdivisions that are in complete compliance with all of the required Chilean government agencies, regulatory authorities and local municipal ordinances.

Restoration of Landscapes

Our team and our many contacts can help plan the restoration of entire properties to meet present and future needs, as well as offering multiple solutions to help maximize land use over time.

Architecture Services

We will put you in contact with qualified professional architects that are certified in all areas of design by the government licensing authorities.  Afterward we accompany our client in all stages of project development.

Legal advice

We work with lawyers and legal professionals who specialize in real estate law. They are available to help with title searches, purchase contracts, financial transactions, subdivisions, land use changes and property surveys as well as any other legal service you might require.

Water Rights Applications

Our team understands the requirements of the Dirección General de Aguas (MOP-DGA), and will help you study the hydrological environment of your property to obtain the optimal water usage rights.

Bajo los volcanes, junto a los ventisqueros, entre los grandes lagos,
el fragante, el silencioso, el enmarañado bosque chileno…

– Pablo Neruda

Contact us and we will study your case to deliver a customized optimal solution.

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